Yumo Wu’s artistic practice is seen as a natural extension of the existing photographic system. The act of photography involves a photographer’s intervention—framing, manipulating, and constructing a photograph. Simultaneously, the photographer interacts with the photograph—moving, scaling, and transferring it—in an ongoing loop without end. After extensively studying and exploring it, there arose a desire to rebel against its inherent constraints.

The realm of photography, given its vast scope, provides an avenue to delve into philosophical and ontological realms. Wu examines the intricate entanglements between various concepts woven into photography. These include the dynamic between operator and observer, the interplay of seeing and being seen, the duality of representation and prototype, the tension between fixity and flux, and the juxtaposition of stasis and speed. By scrutinizing these dynamics, the artist seeks to illuminate novel perspectives. Photography becomes the medium through which familiar notions are both affirmed and challenged.

Wu approaches photography as a distant operator, employing a counterintuitive gesture—a deliberate puncturing of the medium with resistance. The artist gazes backward into the future, unearthing overlooked accidents from the past. The imperative emerges to repeatedly speculate upon photography, engendering fresh revelations each time.

MA Mention Excellent, ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland
BFA Honors, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Email: wuyumostudio@gmail.com
Instagram: @wuyuumo

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